Crime Reports

Irving Police Department reports to It will immediately show you crime information over the past three days, but using the controls you can view crime data as far back as six months. You can create an account to save your settings and alert you of reported crimes.

Officer John Argumaniz created this video demonstrating how to use

One comment on “Crime Reports
  1. David Preston says:

    Hello, my neighbors.

    Reporting a crime. My 2011 Ford Flex was broken into while in front of my house. This happened just after sun-down 10pm. They broke out the passenger window and took a bicycle and radar detector. My mistake was parking it on the street. We have a lot of foot traffic from the apartments located near Airport Freeway. I knew this would eventually happen with the type of people that roam at night.

    I’m reaching out to you guys, to help me get an additional street light added to our street. It is dark in front of our house and surrounding houses. FYI… I worked for a power company in the past and know we need an additional light.

    We are homeowners and plan on retiring here, but are beginning to wonder if buying here was a good decision.

    (I won’t even get into the condition of the house at the corner of Countryside and Wyngren. Horrible! I got a letter once for my flowers being too tall. LOL!)