New Website

Hi, I’m Jim Nelson, and I moved into the neighborhood in April 2011. I recently designed a new website for NPNA and presented it to the board. They like it, and we switched the site over the evening of June 18, 2012.

During the transition there may be a period where some people see the old website and some see the new, and you may suddenly find yourself on which is the temporary address while in development. But these symptoms should pass quickly, and this new site will appear for everybody and stay at the address.

NPNA hopes you find this site a useful hub of information for our neighborhood and the association.

5 comments on “New Website
  1. Jim Nelson says:

    Yay new website! I am commenting to my own post so there is something in the recent comments section.

  2. Richard says:

    Great job Jim. The new site looks terrific and contains a lot of good information. Thanks for your hard work neighbor!

  3. Linda O'Rear says:

    What a great new website! The ability to find info about “All things Irving”, and especially NPNA, should keep us all informed and up-to-date on issues that impact our daily lives. Many thanks to Jim Nelson for all the time and work required to put this site together!

  4. mira says:

    WOW!!!! The website is great, Thank-You! I will visit the site more often now.

  5. Bill Jenkins says:

    Great Job!
    Now we need to get the word out to all the neighbors
    this website will be my new home page

    Thanks Jim