Pete Miller Video Interview on O’Connor Construction

NPNA board president Pete Miller is interviewed in this ICTN video talking about the O’Connor construction and the sound walls from the highway 183 construction project.

One comment on “Pete Miller Video Interview on O’Connor Construction
  1. Ivor Chester says:

    Living one house down from this “upgrade” I can tell you the city of Irving has increased the traffic flow exponentially by closing several exits from the neighborhood to flow through Ireland Dr. Removed 7 Seven! houses and uprooted dozens of trees! Urban improvements? No.
    Noise, dirt/dust is overpowering. Traffic? I can’t get out of my own driveway sometimes.
    They keep their portable toilets next to my neighbor’s house and the stench fill the area. Trash, and broken glass litter the streets from the increased flow of traffic.
    Call to the city have been left unanswered or just plain useless. The city of Irving’s Idea of “urban renewal” is a wrecking ball and residents that are impacted are expected to just manage it.